The 2019 Advance! Onto College scholarship will be available January 2019

Open to only to La Habra and Sonora High School graduating seniors

Application can be picked up at Advance! office or the Counseling Center at La Habra and Sonora High schools.

The completed application must be submitted IN PERSON to the Advance! office.


Since 2005, Advance! has awarded 178 college scholarships to deserving high school seniors. They range from $500 to $1500 each and are presented at the "Senior Awards" programs at La Habra and Sonora High Schools.




Artemisa Garcia Family Scholarship

These scholarships are named for a remarkable woman, Artemisa Garcia.  While she and her husband were raising their four kids she worked in the cafeteria of the middle school that they all attended.  After raising them she decided to go to college.  She became a teacher, a counselor, a vice principal a bi-lingual coordinator and, finally, a principal.  During her entire career in education her passion was to motivate children to do their very best, go to college, and be successful.  She eventually lost a long struggle with cancer.  Twenty years later her adult children approached Advance! to ask them to award scholarships in her name.


2018 | Zuly Villegas, La Habra HS

2018 | Kevin Jimenez, La Habra HS

2018 | Milah Afonin, Sonora HS 2017 | Delany Tran, Sonora HS

2017 | Valerie Gutierrez, La Habra HS

2017 | Yareli Segura, La Habra HS

2016 | Kawkab Chigri, La Habra HS

2016 | Vanessa Torres, La Habra HS/Rio Hondo

2016 | Kimberly Arreguin, Sonora HS

2016 | Julie Duda, Sonora HS

2015 | Jessica Sanchez, Sonora HS

2015 | Briana Soto, La Habra HS

2014 | Monica Gamino, Sonora HS

2014 | Maria Ornelas, Sonora HS

2014 | Daisy Soria, La Habra HS

2013 | Arturo Garcia, Sonora HS

2013 | Suzy Ramirez, La Habra HS

2012 | Jonathan Ishii, La Habra HS

2012 | Diana Munoz, Sonora HS

2012 | Jazmin Quiroga, La Habra HS

2012 | Guangseop Shin, Sonora HS

2011 | Alejandra Benitez, La Habra HS

2011 | Ivan Contreras, Sonora HS

2011 | Jennifer Fernandez, Sonora HS

2011 | Cynthia Ledesma, La Habra HS

2010 | Alex Oliva, Sonora HS

2010 | Julio Ruiz, La Habra HS

2009 | Victor Alatorre Jr., La Habra HS

2009 | Jessica Alvarez, La Habra HS

2009 | Angie Estrada, Sonora HS

2009 | Janet Ontiveros, Sonora HS

2008 | Jessica Mayorga, Sonora HS

2008 | Paola Rodriguez, La Habra HS

2008 | Sarahi Rodriguez, La Habra HS

2007 | Angelica Gaeta-Toro, Sonora HS

2007 | Alexis Bernal, La Habra HS

2007 | Alma Valle, Sonora HS

2007 | Cecilia Perez, La Habra HS

2006 | Maria Guerra, La Habra HS

2006 | Martha Guzman, Sonora HS

2006 | Edward Machorro, Sonora HS

2006 | Martha Sanchez, La Habra HS



 Alex Buck Scholarship

A family in Fullerton lost their son Alex to cancer on Christmas day in 2006 when he was only half-way through is freshman year at Pomona College.  Even though he was a graduate of Troy High School in Fullerton, his parents asked Advance! to find deserving students in La Habra for these scholarships.  Advance! awards two of these scholarships every year.



2018 | Jazmine Troncoso, La Habra HS

2018 | Braulio Ramirez, La Habra HS

2018 | George Rico, La Habra HS

2018 | Abigail Lopez, La Habra HS

2017 | Anhthu Pham, La Habra HS

2017 | Nicole Luna, La Habra HS

2016 | Lauren Hernandez, La Habra HS

2015 | Michelle Ledezma, Sonora HS

2015 | Javier Urias, La Habra HS

2014 | Vanessa Martinez, La Habra HS

2013 | Diana Felix, La Habra HS

2013 | Jasmin Gamino, Sonora HS

2013 | Jorge Ordorica, Sonora HS

2012 | Jennifer Caudillo, La Habra HS

2012 | Sarahi Paek, Sonora HS

2011 | Ryan Luna, La Habra HS

2011 | Diana Melendez, Sonora HS

2010 | Susana Ortiz Vargas, Sonora HS

2010 | Alejandra Rodriguez, La Habra HS

2009-2012 | Alex Bielawiec, La Habra HS





  Augustine Family Scholarship

These scholarships are presented to honor the two deceased sons of Michael and Marilyn Augustine.  Rex Augustine, a 1982 graduate of La Habra High School, was killed by a drunk driver in 1986.  Another Augustine boy, Steven, died of a brain tumor when he was only three.  This family wants to give other young people the opportunity for a college education that their two sons didn’t get to enjoy because their lives were cut short.  The Augustines, especially their son, Michael, have funded four Advance! scholarships every year since 2006.



2018 | Oscar Alcala, La Habra HS

2018 | Chandara Heng, La Habra HS

2018 | Meliton Hernandez

2018 | Arlene Arrequin, Sonora HS

2017 | Jose Alcala, Sonora LH

2017 | Nitya Loganda, La Habra HS

2017 | Neha Loganda, La Habra HS

2017 | Diana Magana, La Habra HS

2016 | Madelynn Sopp, Sonora HS

2016 | Tiffany Sanchez, La Habra HS

2016 | Gustavo Cruz, La Habra HS/Fullerton College

2016 | Alejandro Avila-Alatorre, La Habra HS

2015 | Andrea Agramon-Leon, Sonora HS

2015 | Monica Estrada, La Habra HS

2015 | Monica Menjivar, La Habra HS

2015 | Michael Wheeler, La Habra HS

2014 | Kelcey Khen, La Habra HS

2014 | Jolin Morcos, La Habra HS

2014 | Mohammed Raza, Sonora HS

2014 | Frank Rios, Sonora HS

2013 | Daniel Duque, Sonora HS

2013 | Yocelin Gomez, Sonora HS

2013 | Brianna Retama, La Habra HS

2013 | Jose Zuniga, La Habra HS

2012 | Nur Bayaa, Sonora HS

2012 | Brandy Macias, La Habra HS

2012 | Linda Morales, La Habra HS

2012 | Jessica Wang, La Habra HS

2011 | Lucia Cortez, La Habra HS

2011 | Robert Vargas, Sonora HS

2010 | Chrystel Murrieta, La Habra HS

2010 | Shirley Santos, Sonora HS

2009 | Joel Ledezma, Sonora HS

2009 | Amparo Meneses, Sonora HS

2008 | Karissa Guerrero, Sonora HS

2008 | Huy Nghiem, La Habra HS

2007 | Ducle Navarro, La Habra HS

2007 | Bianca Hernandez, Sonora HS

2006 | Valentina Duque, Sonora HS




Cash 4 College Scholarship

"Cash 4 College", a division of the California student Aid Commission based in Sacramento, encourages organizations like Advance! to help as many students as possible fill out their free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). For every 25 students who complete their FAFSA with one of these agencies, Cash 4 College provides a $1000 scholarship, chosen by lottery.


2012 | Diana Martinez, La Habra HS

2011 | Luis Cisneros, Sonora HS

2011 | Anna Martinez, La Habra HS




Philip Haworth Scholarship

To help La Habra High School seniors and alumni currently in college to fulfill their ambition to complete a four year degree in Science or Engineering.   Phil Haworth is an alumnus of La Habra High School (class of ’95), and of USC’s School of Engineering with a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering (class of ’99)


2018 | Braulio Ramirez, La Habra HS

2018 | Carlos Alatorre, La Habra



 Dan Casey Scholarship

This scholarship carries the name of Dan Casey, who was executive director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of La Habra for many years.  He and his wife Cathy had two sons, Alex and Nolan, both of whom attended Sonora High School.   Dan was a long-time advisor to Ad   ance! He lost his battle with cancer in 2017.  Advance! is honored to award two scholarships in his name.

2018 | Elizabeth McMillan, Sonora HS

2018 | Yara Ismael, Sonora HS

2017 | Maria Hernandez, La Habra HS

2017 | Valerie Gutierrez, Sonora HS

2016 | Samantha Casanas, Sonora HS

2016 | Lemar Stanekzai, Sonora HS

2015 | Stacy Flores, Sonora HS

2015 | Vanessa Gomez, La Habra HS




Fred Lentz Scholarship

Advance!’s co-founder, Fred, taught for 34 years, first at Lowell High School in Whittier and then for 25 years at La Habra High School before he and a former student of his established Advance! in 2002.   For his 70th birthday, Fred was surprised to learn that friends and family agreed to set up a scholarship fund in his name, enough to fund two awards annually.


2018 | Robert Munnerlyn, La Habra HS

2018 | Vivienne Gray, Sonora HS

2017 | Jose Alcala, Sonora HS

2017 | Monique Hernandez, La Habra HS

2016 | Chamberlain Nikki, La Habra HS

2016 | Oscar Rolon, Sonora HS

2015 | Juan Villalobos, Sonora HS

2015 | Carly Wong, La Habra HS

2014 | Chris Ledezma, La Habra HS

2014 | Maricela Perez, Sonoa HS,

2013 | Daniel Duque, Sonora HS

2013 | Jose Zuniga, La Habra HS




Friends of Advance! Scholarship

These scholarships are funded primarily by two anonymous donors and are awarded primarily to students who are already in college and who need help continuing.


2018 | Johnathan Vargas, La Habra HS

2018 | Ashmed Lozano, La Habra HS

2018 | Matthew Merino, La Habra

2017 | Bessy Sanchez, UCLA

2016 | Alondra Gonzalez, Rio Hondo

2015 | Josue Mendez, Fullerton College

2014 | Benjamin Garcia, La Habra HS

2013 | Lissette Bonilla, La Habra HS

2012 | Bellal Stanekzai, Fullerton College

2011 | Everardo Arrizon, Fullerton College

2011 | Amanda Manzanares, La Habra HS

2011 | Azucena Mora, Sonora HS

2010 | Luis Liang

2010 | Derek O'Hanlon, Sonora HS




Highlander Scholarship

Advance! newest scholarship (established 2018) and is funded by two long-time La Habra High SStaff memebersembers who recently re red.  This annual scholarship will go to a studenho is entering nursing or other healtfield.


2018 | Gladys Estrella, La Habra HS field



Institute of Health Advancement Scholarship

The Institute for Healthcare Advancement is a large medical facility in La Habra that houses Advance!’s college counseling center.  IHA provides funds to Advance! to assist students who are committed to entering the medical/healthcare field.  Their initial commitment was to help four students for all four years of their undergraduate work.  They are continuing their support for two of those students beyond their four undergraduate year


2018 | ose Alcala,uCal State Long Beach

2018 | Diana Magana, UC Davis

2018 | Gladys Estrella, elet, La Hab2017-20183-2Madelynn Sopp, University of Southern California

2017-2018 | 016 | Araceli Casillas, Sono2016,20183-2016 | Green, Pfaff, La Habra HS

2013-2Bruce Briquelet, La Habra HS

2013-2016 | 016 | Asia Williams, La Habra HS



JMR Foundation Scholarship

A young man who graduated from one of La Habra’s two public high schools was the victim of gang violence back in 2008.  The “JMR Foundation” was established in his name and in 2016 his family came to Advance! and asked if it would honor their son with two scholarships every year.


2018 | Johnathan Vargas, La Habra

2018 | Brian Agallo, La Habra HS

2017 | Yareli Alatorre , La Habra HS

2017 | Pamela Padilla, Sonora HS

2016 | Cailin Grantham, La Habra HS

2016 | Kristen Sauceda, Sonora HS



La Habra Goes to College Scholarship

For several years Advance! awarded a scholarship at its annual community-wide event called “La Habra Goes to College” to a local high school senior in attendance.  Ten of these scholarships were awarded between 2006 and 2012.


2012 | Jennifer Caudillo, La Habra HS

2011 | Jared Leung

2010 | Chrystel Murrieta, La Habra HS

2009 | Brian Aleman

2009 | Joel Ledezma, Sonora HS

2008 | Joana Mojica, La Habra HS

2008 | Emmanuel Hernandez, Sonora HS

2008 | Ricardo Garcia, La Habra HS

2007 | Daisy Velasco, Sonora HS

2007 | Raul Bonilla, La Habra HS

2006 | Efrain Dominguez


                                   ------------------------------------  --


La Habra HS - Class of 1995

2016 | Rachel Kirylo, La Habra HS


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 Tarek Captan Scholarship

Tarek Captan was a 1993 graduate of La Habra High School.  He went on to graduate from UCLA and then devoted all his time and energy to help low-income, at-risk youth in Los Angeles break out of the cycle of poverty and lead a better life.  In 2006, while crossing a street in LA., he was killed by a drunk driver.  Tarek’s dad, Habib, is now Advance!’s office manager and treasurer.

His wife, Tarek’s mother, along with their two sons, who are also La Habra High graduates, are proud to award two scholarships every year in Tarek’s name.


2018 | Kevin Jimenez, La Habra HS

2018| Asmed Lozano, La Habra HS

2017 | Monique Hernandez, La Habra HS

2017 | Diana Magana, La Habra HS

2016 | Michelle Perales, La Habra HS

2013 | Nikki Villegas, Los Altos HS

2012 | Gianna Ramirez, Sonora HS

2012 | Jennifer Tagle, La Habra HS

2011 | Janet Soria, La Habra HS

2011 | Katelyn Van Leir, Sonora HS

2010 | Ashely Lowery, La Habra HS

2010 | Gustavo Murillo, Sonora HS

2009 | Lizbeth Martinez, La Habra HS

2008 | Karina Garcia, La Habra HS

2008 | Vanessa Juarez, Sonora HS

2007 | Carmen Lopez, La Habra HS

2007 | Juan Pulido, Sonora HS


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 Trino Corral Scholarship

La Habra High School’s Class of 1985 lost one of its classmates just two weeks before graduation in a freak jeep accident over Memorial Day weekend.  Since then every year his closest friends in that class have been honoring Trino by helping make college possible for a graduating senior from LHHS.


2018 | George Rico, La Habra HS

2017 | Maria Becerril, La Habra HS

2016 | Maria Vega, La Habra HS

2015 | Armandro Alatoree, La Habra HS

2014 | Eder Fuentes, La Habra HS

2013 | Leslie Teo, La Habra HS

2012 | Alida Patchen, La Habra HS

2011 | Maria Camberos, La Habra HS

2010 | Pablo Carrillo, La Habra HS

2009 | Brian Jara, La Habra HS

2008 | Ricardo Garcia, La Habra HS

2007 | Julio Garcia, La Habra HS

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