Advance! Will be at….

If you would like to create an event please email outreach@ontocollege.org

May 2022

10: Washington Middle School Presentation 11:52am-1:22pm 

17: Washington Middle School Presentation 11:52am-1:22pm

24: Washington Middle School Presentation 11:52am-1:22pm

31: Advance! Scholarship Reception 5-6:30pm

April 2022 

06: Boys & Girls Club Middle School Presentation 3:30-4pm

08: La Habra HS CCC Application Workshop 1:50-2:45pm

23: Fullerton College Resource Fair 10:30-2:00 pm

26: La Habra Police Explorers Presentation 6:30-7:30 pm

30: La Habra Citrus Fair 4-8pm

March 2022

01: Fullerton HS FAFSA Lunchtime Workshop 12:15-12:45pm

10: Advance! Last Minute FAFSA Help Zoom 5pm

12: Ladera Vista Middle School Vendor Fair 8am-12pm

17: La Habra HS ELAC Parent Presentation 5:30pm

18: Fullerton HS FAFSA Workshop 12:15-12:43pm

February 2022

05: Fullerton HS FAFSA Workshop Zoom 9am

10: Sonora HS Virtual FAFSA Night English/Spanish 6-7pm

17: Advance! Drop in Workshop Zoom 5-6pm

18: Fullerton HS FAFSA Lunchtime Workshop 12:15-12:45pm

26: Fullerton HS FAFSA Workshop 9am-11am

28: La Habra HS Financial Aid Presentation/Workshop 10-11:30am

January 2022

21: Fullerton High School AVID FAFSA Presentation Zoom 9am

December 2021

04: Santa Fe High School FAFSA Workshop 9am-12pm

08: Boys and Girls Club FAFSA Workshop 4:30pm

November 2021

02: Project Access Financial Aid Parent Presentation 

03: Project Access FAFSA Step by Step Presentation 

06: Savanna HS Financial Aid Day 8-12pm Workshop

10: Buena Park Collaborative 10am

10: Fullerton HS FAFSA Workshop 3-4pm

18: Sunny Hills Step-by-Step FAFSA Workshop 5:30pm 

 October 2021

05: Project Access College Quest Presentation 5-6pm

07: Fullerton HS Parent Info Night Presentation 6-7:30pm

12:  Project Access College Quest Presentation 5-6pm

13: Fullerton HS Senior App Day Workshop 7:50am-12:15pm

14: Buena Park Collaborative 10-11am

15: Sunny Hills College 101 Presentation 1-2pm

16: Savanna HS Financial Aid Application Day 8-12pm

18: Sunny Hills Financial Aid Presentation 6:30-7:30pm

19:  Project Access College Quest Presentation 5-6pm

21: Fullerton HS 1st Gen FAFSA Presentation 12:00-12:45pm

22: Sunny Hills How to Pick the Right College Presentation 1-2pm

29: Sunny Hills Financial Aid Presentation 1-2pm 

September 2021

01: Sonora Back to School Night 5:30-8:30pm Tabling 

07: Project Access College Quest Zoom Presentation 5-6pm

14: Project Access College Quest Zoom Presentation 5-6pm

21: Project Access College Quest Zoom Presentation 5-6pm

21: Sunny Hills FAFSA Zoom Presentation 6-7pm

24: Sunny Hills FAFSA Presentation 1-2pm

28: Project Access College Quest Zoom Presentation 5-6pm

30: Sonora College Night Tabling 6-7:30pm

30: Chambers Hoe Down Northgate 6-8pm

August 2021

03: Fullerton HS Registration 7:30-11:00am Tabling

03: Troy Senior Registration 7-11am Tabling 

04: La Habra Senior Registration 7:30-11am Tabling

09: Sonora Senior Registration 7:30-11:00am Tabling

10: Sunny Hills Senior Registration 7:30-11am Tabling

25: Fullerton HS FAFSA Presentation 

25: La Habra Back to School Night 6:45-8:30 Tabling 

31: Project Access College Quest Presentation 5-6pm

July 2021
7: Sunny Hills HS College 101 Presentation, Virtual 1:15-2:15

June 2021

10: Buena Park Collaborative Virtual Presentation 10am 

22: Project Access Mapping Senior Year Presentation 5:00 pm 
May 2021

11: Buena Park School District Help My Child Prepare to be College and/or Career Ready Presentation 9:30-10:30 am

25: Sunny Hills HS FAFSA Workshop/Corrections 3:00 pm

April 2021

01: Advance! Virtual Career Exploration 6:15-7:30 pm

07: La Habra HS FAFSA Corrections Workshop 2-4 pm

08: Advance! Virtual How to Succeed in College 6:15-7-30 pm

15: Advance! Virtual How to Prepare for College Admissions Essays Presentation 6:15-7:30 pm

16: Richmond Center…Academic Success Program Advance! Resource Info College 101 4-5 pm

22: Advance! Virtual Mapping Senior Year Presentation 6:15-7:30 pm

26: Jamboree Housing Clark Commons Buena Park Advance Intro of Services 1-1:30 pm

28: Nicolas Jr High College 101 Presentation English 5 pm, Spanish 6 pm

29: Advance! Virtual Understanding Community College Presentation 6:15-7:30 p