These are the 2023 Scholarship Recipients. In 2023 Advance! gave out 35 scholarships to 33 seniors from Sonora, La Habra, Fullerton Union, and Whittier Christian High Schools.

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Serving our community since 2002!

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Mission Statement

Advance! provides equity of access to college for historically under-served and under-represented families to enable them to participate in the dream and the promise of a college education. 

All services are FREE of CHARGE

Why Advance!?

Advance! was founded in 2002 to help students and families with little or no experience with college, especially first-generation students who need help with admissions and financial aid applications.

What We Do

One-on-one assistance with college applications, financial aid applications, and scholarship searches.

Success Stories

Annual awarding of multiple scholarships to local graduating seniors.


“Based on current census data, fewer than 25% of the 43, 745 La Habrans aged 25 and older have attained a Bachelor’s degree from college. An additional 8% have earned an Associate’s (2-year) degree. These figures demonstrate how few of our high school students come from homes where parents have any college experience and even fewer whose parents completed a college education. This means that fewer than 6,000 school-age children in La Habra likely lack the support necessary to navigate through the difficult college admissions process. Nor are they likely to have in the in-home support needed to succeed once they are actually in college.

Many La Habrans grew up here. Advance! has become one of the beacons drawing former La Habrans to return, attracting those with college degrees and experience. Future census data will prove the lasting impact that the founders and staff of Advance! have on La Habra as the percentage of college-educated young people rise and, with them, the economic and social advancement a college degree brings.

This illustrates the critical need that Advance! has met over the past decade and continues to address as each high school class year begins to explore its options after graduating from our high schools. What a marvelous resource for La Habra’s high school students. It is a nonprofit organization that is uniquely La Habra!”

Michael Blazey – La Habra City Council [Mayor 2015]

“North Orange County and La Habra are extremely fortunate to have an asset like Advance! provide vital college information and services to our teens. The Boys and Girls Club of La Habra is proud to be a collaborator.”

Mark A. Chavez – Executive Director of the La Habra Boys and Girls Club


“Preparation for your career choices begins in high school. Advance! will show you how to make the best choices.”

Mark Sturdevant – President, La Habra Area Chamber of Commerce / Contributing book author, “Leading America”

“Advance! is a critical program for our community which helps guide our young people as they prepare to successfully graduate from high school and move on to higher education in pursuit of their careers.”

Jim Sadro – La Habra City Manager