About Advance!

Initially, Advance! operated under the auspices of Community Partners, a prestigious Los Angeles fiscal sponsor that incubates nonprofits that are just getting started. During that time two volunteers, Juan Pablo (“JP”) Gonzalez and Eva Juarez, came on board and eventually became part of the staff.  JP eventually became Executive Director. In June 2003 Advance! received its own 501(c)(3) nonprofit status.  In the meantime Fred and Chuck approached both the mayor and city manager of La Habra for support and right away the city approved office space for Advance!’s use.  The following year the organization was invited to operate in the Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA) before moving to an office building right across from La Habra City Hall.  During this period Advance! put together a Board of Directors, initially with seven members and currently with eleven. In March 2015 Advance! was welcomed back to the Institute for Healthcare Advancement’s Barnett Center where it remains today.  

Advance! is currently assisting, one-on-one, between 600 and 700 students each year, with additional hundreds attending its workshops and presentations.  Students come to Advance! with their minds made up that they are in fact going to attend college; therefore, the college dropout rate for those served is negligible.  This is remarkable since the college dropout rate for hispanic college students in California approaches 45%. 


To provide equitable access to college for historically under-served and under-represented families.


College is possible and attainable for all.


Advance believes that…